The revolution is quantum

Don’t wait for scientists to explain how quantum mechanics are going to transform the social order.

stephen marshall
7 min readJun 14, 2021


I think, therefor I’m naught.

When I was a very young child, I experienced a physical/sexual trauma that, though I did not know it until I was well into my 20s, locked me into a reactive mode of being (and an adversarial perception of the external world) that was very destructive and, seemingly, unalterable. Drug (ab)use, super dramatic relationships, recurring and epic ‘bipolar’ experiences. A kind of strange loop that always returned me to a sense of powerlessness over my life.

But the purpose of this testimony is not self-pity.

I was born into the privileged family of white Canadians, so I was able to build my life with a high degree of agency and self-determination despite this scarring seminal injury. I got through university and into a career I wanted, which gave me the freedom to traverse the planet and its societies and sub-cultures.

It is for this last blessing I am most grateful because it is how I found my way to the outcasts and heretics when all appeared to be lost. And it is from them I learned to look beyond the frail illusory veneer of this world, and into something less… tangible.

But I still had the scar of my oldest psychological trauma.

At some point along the way, a part of my self began to awaken to a source of healing and power that exists outside of the traditional, conventional psychotherapeutic modalities. In mind-bending ways, I was oriented toward a ‘mechanism’ I could access in order to transform and unlock my present and my future, by visiting and re-transmitting my past. Essentially, breaking out of the false construction of linear time that we have been inducted into for millennia (by the Temporal Authority).

Not really, but you get the idea.

I can’t possibly begin to describe the long slow peeling back of the layers of a cosmic onion that led me first to experience, and then to understand, what I now know as the liberationist instrument that is the quantum field.


That’s the term we use for it now. Though it has (of course) always existed — and operated by those that the Authority marginalized and exiled or executed by calling them shamans and witches.

If science was capable of it, there would be a kind of collective embarrassment in the recognition that it has only just breached the (r)evolutionary implications of what certain people have known about for millennia.

Or as Hagrid tells Harry Potter on their first trip to Diagon Alley.

“I don’t know how the Muggles manage without magic.”

Relax, it’s a metaphor. (Not really)

For the past five years, in a quiet little blog, I have been feeling my way toward the power of quantum as a source of political and social liberation. It is an advocacy I adopted only because — as someone who was totally unhelped by the traditional methods until I actually, verifiably experienced the shift in my present by reconditioning my perception of and experience of the past — I simply could not stay quiet.

But of course, while the language may be new, the revelation is ancient. Before the early quantum visionaries — who were very transparent about the metaphysical implications of their discovery — we relied on heretics and mystics to be the liberationist strategists for the civilization. It was their job to use poetry to engineer cognitive and behavioral shifts that have the potential to redefine the moment… and the future… for the betterment of all.

There is perhaps no better a personification of this ideal than the late Irish poet John O’Donahue. Listening to this interview he did with Krista Tippet, I was scrambling to catch and note the subtle, humble, nuanced bombs he was dropping about the ‘pedagogy of interiority’.

At one point he talks about the word ‘threshold’, which comes from the word thrashen — to separate the grain from the husk. For him, thresholds are lines that separate ‘two territories of spirit,’ and, he continues:

‘if we cross worthily, what we do is heal the patterns of repetition that were in us, that caught us somewhere. And in our crossing… we cross onto new ground. Where we just don’t repeat what we’ve been through in the last place we were.’

This sentiment expresses so succinctly the current moment. We are at a threshold, and on the brink of a new territory in terms of a paradigm that encircles the human understanding of the nature of reality.

The shape of things to come.

As someone who has spent the best years of their life trying to figure out ways to undermine and overthrow the reigning geographic and cosmological empires, when I discovered the promise of this untapped resource, I felt it was my obligation to scream it from the rooftops.

Because the implications of quantum liberationism are not confined to the manipulation of spacetime. As its fundamental resource, quantum offers the promise of a radically upgraded degree of self-determination. One that lies in mastering the point of conversion that collapses waves of infinite potential into particles of self-materialization.

But don’t tell scientists that. They’ll say that quantum mechanics have no applications to social science. Let alone social revolution. But that is because they are perfectly happy with the ruling order. They’re not trying to overthrow ‘reality’, they just want to understand it. Which is fine, they should do that.

But for those of us who feel called to something a little more… disruptive, this isn’t something to be ignored. (It certainly hasn’t been overlooked by the Black Quantum Futurists, the most self-realized of quantum revolutionaries. Who has a more urgent need than black matriarchs to hack spacetime in order to reclaim their future from a stolen past?)

As far as I am concerned, I have seen enough to understand the reality that we are living in. Especially when we can now essentially pre-determine the social and economic ‘levels’ that a specific individual will attain based on the zip code they were born into.

That isn’t freedom in any sense of the word. That is a caste system. And we’re not here for that. Not at this point in our civilizational trajectory.

BQFs Rasheedah Phillips — “developing and enacting a new spatiotemporal consciousness.”

So, for anyone who is actually and actively pursuing the birth of a new paradigm in which every human, no matter where or to whom they are born, or what color, culture, gender or ideology, gets an equal and fair shot at determining their destiny:

Quantum is the revolution.

I don’t care if it’s still theoretical. Given the alternative (which I assume is voting for another elite political candidate, operating in a farcically regressive political system that is designed to service the interests of the elite), what do we have to lose?

What I have learned in my admittedly limited exploration of quantum liberation is: the embedded genetic and epigenetic programming of our ancestral and present-life existences no longer hold the power to define and determine who we are, even though this is precisely what the current (materialist-determinist) Authority dictates.

Quantum liberationism heralds the unmaterialized potential which lies at the substratum of wave, which IS the primary realm and determiner of existence and ‘reality’ in 3D.

Or, as Dr. Joe Dispenza — one of the few people out there who is actively testing the boundaries of quantum liberation — writes:

Energy is the epiphenomenon of matter.

This is the equivalent of discovering a new territory, one with limitless resources and potential for self-realization and activation.

Seriously, hold that in your mind for a moment.

Because if a single mom with three kids who works two jobs and barely gets by can shift her dependence from:

A) the hope that the magical invisible hand of the capitalist political-economy and its ‘charitable’ proxies will give her family majesty and power over their destinies


B) harnessing the latent and limitless power of reality-creation that lies within the quantum field…

Then we are onto something that is actually dangerous to those who rule this ghetto paradigm called consensual reality.

(Which they do through the manufactured illusion of scarcity.)

This is the threshold we crossing now.

Into a new paradigm.

Because, in the quantum liberationist view: there is no such thing as scarcity.

There is only infinite potential.

So, for those of us who are committed to building something new and enduring and fair, we need to vigorously question what it is we are ACTUALLY doing. And if its not de-patterning and re-engineering the paradigm around universal access to equal self-actualization, then its just the perpetuation of the old system. And, worse, a failure to cross the threshold which we have organically reached as a tipping point for the next evolutionary thrust of human civilization.

I assert that TRUE POWER resides in gaining access to the generators of reality, which reside and occur at the sub-stratum plane of pre-particle waveforms. That is science. It is nature. And it will be beautiful.

The time to hesitate is through.



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