Le coup au coeur — Rene Magritte, 1952

Poison pills and spiritual warfare against revolutionary orgs

stephen marshall


I am a co-founder of a decentralist community of high-level creators. We recently had an unintentional infiltration by disruptive (anti-semitic) energies that challenged the limits of our free speech maxim — blame it on Ye.

The following was my response to the group, which I am publishing for those who may face the same threats to community unity in the face of their resistance efforts. I write this from the perspective of a person with 25 years in the game, who has seen these patterns and how they can destroy the delicate fabric of ideologically-diverse communities.


We have set ourselves the mission of countering a formidable and awesome Opponent. Formidable meaning highly armed, vastly capitalized, and also possessing instruments that are ‘spiritual’ to defeat potential rivals.

With that Opponent as our challenger, we hardly need to have our team ducking and covering to avoid the harm coming from friendly fire. Or as one of you said to me last night: it’s time to stop dodging landmines and start laying them.

So I want to be very clear about something that is going to be a maxim for us as we move forward together:

Any critique of power, and specifically of the Opponent, which is rooted in a narrative or theory that collectivizes and targets any specific race, religion, or, I would argue, non-extremist political ideology is a poison pill.

Those theories that do put forward these associations as their core principle are traps designed to ensnare non-playing characters (NPCs) so they are doomed in their truth-seeking cause at its inception — assuming they are actually nobly in pursuit of striking the Opponent and not just to exorcise their own unspoken and unreleased biases or hatreds.

To be clear, and as one who has researched actual and non-actual conspiracy theories as a focus of their career:

There is no conspiracy nor cabal at this moment in history that can either rely on the sanctity or allegiance of a person or group solely based on their common religion or race… and even, I would argue, their family bloodline.

We know this is true because empires and States have relied on the development of special operations military divisions (both statist and non-statist) that train and indoctrinate ‘assets’ who will follow orders and commands that override their innate human instincts and impulses. Not to mention the mind control programs developed to create Manchurian candidates.

Are there nations that are involved in conspiracies? Sure. Are there small groups who are trying to hijack planetary systems and assert political and military objectives that will restrict and contain the masses? Absolutely.

Are there certain families who are at the top of the ancestral food chain and working covertly to protect their interests… and perhaps the interests or whims of their allies, either terrestrial or non-terrestrial? Yes again.

But at the level of application and prosecution, these are not the machinations of a specific race or religion. They are, at this stage, being implemented through a form of consciousness which can be instilled and amplified in people of any background or heritage.

In fact, at this point, the more dispossessed and traumatized the individual, the more programmable a soldier for the cause, even in mass cohorts. COVID showed how the leftist justice-seekers (my ‘team’!) were expertly entrained (via tactics and technologies developed over decades of research in the field of psychological warfare) into fanatical support of highly undemocratic Statist protocols.

This was achieved through the mechanisms I outlined above. And in part by riling them with the same kind of poison pills in large social platforms as we have now seen in ours. Again, the Opponent has learned that there is no sanctity or protection in blood or belief.

They are now openly operating a widescale PsyWar operation that we know as mass formation psychosis. And the only way to create immunity for our group from that infiltration is to engage in a constant and radical pursuit of self-questioning.

Can my shadow facets become an entry point for non-material intelligence to wage spiritual warfare on the group?

People in (r)evolutionary orgs would do well to heed agnostic value of this warning from Leon Trostky:

“You must remember that the political development of the masses proceeds not in a direct line, but in a complicated curve. And is not this, after all, the essential movement of every material process?

…the masses were entering upon this path in a state of struggle with their own past, with their yesterday’s beliefs, and partly also with their beliefs of today. At a difficult turn, at a moment of failure and disappointment, the old prejudices not yet burnt out would flare up, and the enemy would naturally seize upon these as upon an anchor of salvation.”

An anchor of salvation for the Opponent which survives through amplifying prejudices and false ideological splinters to protect them from the people, the Many. Yes, we’re speaking to the 99% who are increasingly awakening to the massive wealth transfer to elites which was engineered during the last few years, specifically.

But who are being pitted and re-pitted against each other continually through the manipulation of their biases and fears — also known as herding — so they are rendered impotent against the actual Opponent.

Having been involved in projects that challenge power through capitalized engines of information warfare — and studied as my core passion the legacy and methods State intelligence agencies infiltrating and destroying social power movements — I have seen this first hand.

And while it had been my hope to have both an open framework for truth-seeking as a community enterprise AND a creative studio that houses highly skilled builders and makers to create products that effectively challenge the Opponent, events that transpired in our community over the past few weeks have shown me that we can’t do both.

But this is not a loss, it is a powerful challenge to clarify our mission and operational awareness. Because whether one willingly or inadvertently becomes a channel for the Opponent, the effect is the same. But when it presents itself in the guise of free speech maximalism, which I wholeheartedly embrace, it is even more pernicious.

Because it injures both the revolutionary org and tarnishes the virtue of free speech advocacy. People can make mistakes, to be sure. But it is when we find people emphatically defending their right to post items that are inflammatory and directly injurious to our own members — people who have through their daily actions and contributions shown they are both thick-skinned and all-in for the cause — then I believe the poison must be spat out.

To be emphatically clear: This is super lo-vibe shit. Only NPCs are titillated by the edginess of the exotic slur.

That’s how it works. It’s like a dopamine rush for the uninitiated. I’m sorry but that’s how I see it. Let’s not be fucking NPCs.

Now, I have been criticized for my harsh and — counter to my own stated spiritual maxims — binary response to these threats.

They are correct.

Of course I want to stay up on the mountain!

But when the kids are playing with matches in the woodshed, I feel forced to respond. Because even if it isn’t apparent to you: those are matches and this is a woodshed.

If people need to work out their curiosity about whether Jewish people are running the planet and, as a religious imperative, trying to destroy Kanye because he wore a MAGA hat, then do that in 4Chan.

We are building here.

From now on people who bring that shit in here are either ignorant, ambivalent or complicit. That’s it. I highly recommend the 15 minutes required to read this from Alan Watts who specifically addressed the lie of ‘us vs them’ herding of NPCs.

In solidarity,




stephen marshall

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